Terms & Conditions

Booking Notes

1. Equipment: the Act will provide all equipment necessary for the performance, unless agreed otherwise with Client.
2. Changes/Cancellations: any changes to the contract that are likely to affect the final fee payable, such as an early arrival, a late finish or any extra services required must be put in writing in advance to contact@thedeltatones.co.uk

2.1 | If the Client terminates the contract cancellation fees will apply. Please see Clause 2.1.1 for a full breakdown. Cancellation fees will be due to the artist within 7 working days of cancellation.

2.1.1 | Cancellation fee breakdown

More than 365 days before event: Nil
Less than 48 hours after confirmation, 8 or more days before the event: Nil
Less than 48 hours after confirmation within 7 days of the event: Full Fee
More than 90 days before event: 60% of Full Fee
Between 61-90 days before event: 80% of Full Fee
60 days or less before event: Full Fee

3. Venue suitability/requirements: the Client must ensure that their venue can accommodate a live music act. The Client (or their venue)
must provide a safe performance area and, if power is required, a safe power supply, which adheres to all local authority regulations. If the Client’s venue requires PLI or PAT certificates from the Act, the Client must let us know as soon as possible.
4. Deposits: Deposit payments taken by The Deltatones to secure a booking are non-refundable if the client decides to cancel the performance.  In the extremely unlikely event that The Deltatones are unable to attend a booking, then they will refund any payment taken in advance in full.

Technical requirements to be ensured by the Client:

1. Performance space: a hard, level performance space, measuring at least 3m wide x 2m deep. Band performances will benefit from a
raised stage, but this is not essential.
2. Power supply: at least two domestic-style three-pin 13 amp plug sockets.
3. Changing room: Required. By ‘changing room’ we mean a room where the Act can eat, change and prepare for the performance.
Ideally, this should contain a mirror, chairs and mains electricity supply. Toilets are not an appropriate substitute.