Chester Zoo|Weddings

Another big weekend for The Deltatone boys as the wedding season really gets into overdrive. We’ve got a wedding gig at the Zoo today! That’s exciting isn’t it?  I’m going to try and resist the temptation to fill this blog with animal puns (But I’m not promising anything). Claire and Derek have booked our fantastic value Deluxe package for their special night. We’ll arrive at Chester  Zoo at 6pm and we’ll be all set up for 7pm. As always we’ll start by Djing for the arrive their evening guests and then later on we’ll perform their first dance live, followed by two sets of fantastic up-tempo rock n roll, soul, pop, indie and rock  with us DJing until the end to finish the evening off on a high.

It’s our first Zoo gig I think, so that’s good. It’s nice to play in different type of venues. Btw, I’m going to try and stay up to watch the Manny Pacquiao v Floyd Mayweather boxing match when I get home. So I’ll load up on coffee on the journey back. (C’mon Manny)

Anyway this gig is going to be brilliant and I’m sure the dancefloor is going to be jumping (like kangeroos?) Yeah it’ll be PANDAmonium later on, we don’t do it on PORPOISE, but if anyone claimed they didn’t have the best night ever at a Deltatones gig then they would be LION (and possibly a HIPPOcrite) , this is all a bit HAWKward now, frankly, it’s more than I can BEAR, but I suppose that’s completely irELEPHANT . Oh the huMANATEE…

Apologies. I tried to resist.

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